Google | Kids in Technology

Kids in a Tech World is a fun project that I helped to produce for the K-12 educational outreach team while working at Google.

Learn more about the work of Google’s K12 Education Outreach team. The team is committed to building interest in STEM, engaging with students and alumni by providing interesting opportunities to work with Google and partner with faculty to nurture strong, mutually supportive relationships with the academic community worldwide.

Google’s Outreach team supports computer science programs like LEAD Program in Engineering (, runs bespoke programs like CAPE computing and programming experience ( and supports organizations doing great work in STEM through the RISE awards (

In K-16, there is a need to improve the quality and relevance of computing curriculum and inspire more students to explore CS. In K-12, more content is needed, and more teachers need to be prepared to teach it. At the undergraduate level, CS curriculum must keep up with new developments in tools and technology, and provide students with the skills to use them.